No one is watching.

What would you do if you lived no like no one is watching? Would you be the first to speak up in your writing class even if you were scared shitless? Would you go to that terrifying yoga class? Maybe you would quit your job and move to France. What if you decided to live your life free of all the self, and otherwise, imposed expectations. All of them.

For me, I eat Asian food in Paris. Lots of Asian food. No, not mostly French food. Not even French-Asian cuisine. Straight up Asian. I have scoped out most of the markets. Eaten at quite a few of the restaurants and cooked the heck out of some Asian food. Even tonight, I am prepping vegetables to go into a noodle stirfry. (Which is a great recipe I will share soon). I mean who doesn’t love Asian food – Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean. Dumplings, steak, fish, rice, noodles, ginger, garlic peppers, oh my.

Lunch at Double Dragon in Paris
Ramen in Chamonix

As has become apparent, this year is all about experimenting and being honest with ourselves.  Being real about likes/dislikes is a bit more challenging than you might think. A stupid, but real example – I’ve finally admitted I don’t like the oxidized taste of Jura white wines. I know, everyone thinks Jura wines are the new cool thing. And I tried. I even lied to myself. But, I just don’t like them. As our server said the other day “perhaps I can bring you something more, uh, unnatural.” He brought over a delicious Chardonnay and I tried to hide my shame. Actually, I  will refuse to have shame over the fact that I love Chardonnay. And I really love unnatural Chardonnay.

Savoie wine in Chamonix. Paired with fondue. Oh boy. I don’t have any pictures of Chardonnay…

Also now stunningly obvious, no desire to live in a place that has 99 degree summer days. None. Non-negotiable. We are leaving it at Pacific NW, Northern California or Maine.  Similarly, I am unwilling to negotiate on what I want when I return to work. I absolutely refuse to work in a job where every day is one day closer to Friday. And every day we get to complain because it is Monday, be excited it is “hump day” or ecstatic that Friday has finally come. I have to eliminate “TGIF” from my vocabulary. I freaking hate that phrase. When I go back to medicine, I need to do work that inspires me, challenges me and uses my creative side. I want to be part of a team that is dedicated to innovation and not scared of change. I want to work at the top end of my training, learn every day and *maybe* even teach others. (This is still all a work in progress, obvs).

And to be honest, I love grocery delivery. Daily shopping for food is a bit much. Even when you have nothing else to do. Seriously. Even Parisians have grocery delivery services.

Bastille Market, Paris

This year, I am learning how to give a few less fucks. Apparently Jon is too 😉

And honestly, I don’t think most people are watching anyway. Cheers to eating whatever you want, drinking whatever you want, and having it delivered.

Luxembourg Gardens



Kimchi Stir fry

This stir fry I made was, honestly, awful – but due purely to my poor technique. If I had cooked the rice correctly and the green beans weren’t two weeks old it would’ve been delicious. Kimchi is such an excellent ingredient and great for easy meals: kimchi fried rice, kimchi stirfry, kimchi pancake, kimchi omelet…


Heat up about 2 tablespoons of peanut oil (although any oil will do). Get it really hot. Add garlic, ginger and onion. I love lots of ginger. Add 1 cup? of green beans. Really thin ones are best. Heat up some pulled rotisserie chicken in the same pan. Add sliced kimchi with juices. Serve over rice (that is cooked enough.)

PS – I can’t tell if blogs are boring, which is why I haven’t written in a long time. What do you guys want to hear about? Food, recipes, our travels, life? Let me know…

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  1. Kelly S. McKittrick says:

    I love your blog! I got behind while I was on my own vacation, caught up today. I loved this one best, about doing what we want, working to the top of our training, being creative, learning new things. Miss you!

  2. Kelly S. McKittrick says:

    Oh, and recipes are good to share here, but so are your journeys both traveling & what you’re learning while your mind is unencumbered!

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