Duck Confit.

Now that my toe is healed, we finally got to go on an actual hike. And got lost. Like we always do.


While eating our lunch, we spotted this beautiful winery (see below). Can you see that tiny blue tree over there? The winery is called “Chêne Bleu” *blue oak*. Clever eh? Turns out not only do they do tastings but they sell a picnic basket you can buy and eat on their beautiful grounds. This was promptly added to the to do list for the spring.


A quick dinner it needed to be, so I ventured into my new favorite French dinner hack. Duck confit. Vacuum-sealed and wrapped in its own fluffy fat, it is good for one year in the refrigerator! Alternatively, you could make it yourself but why would you want to do that?


Once you have it the options are boundless: reheat and eat (as we did), add it to a salad, shred it and put it in moo shu wraps, put it over polenta,  duck pot-pie? Oh my.


I decided to just heat ours up in the oven and then use the fat to pan-fry some potatoes. Add a salad and you are in business.

PS – If you happen to be in Seattle and love crispy potatoes you must go to 5 Spot in Queen Anne.

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